How to optimize your website images for mobile devices

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This is a ready-made guideline to follow that can be used step by step starting from the red zone.

How to reduce pictures for mobile devices

Identify photos, backgrounds, signs, and other images that can be removed from a website without losing any value. Pay attention to such pages where heavy images surround fragments of text. Delete them, optimize or drag to the end of the page.

Imagine that a person is loading a page of a website on their mobile device. While pictures inserted in different sections of an article are loaded, the text automatically moves down the screen.

When scrolling through a page, a user may accidentally click on a link that will move from another part of the page. As a result, a visitor will be annoyed not only by the long loading of a page but also by the text skipping over it. Therefore, you must not neglect image optimization.

What image formats are used on websites

It is currently recommended to apply the new image formats: JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP. Compression is more efficient, so they load faster and consume less traffic than PNG and JPEG images. Not all browser versions support new formats. You need to do a check before using them.

You can find standard image formats on different websites:

  • JPEG — photographs and images with smooth transitions of colors;
  • GIF — simple logos, signs, charts, diagrams, and animations;
  • PNG — signs, logos, and graphs with lots of shades;
  • SVG — individually developed logos and vector images.

All of these formats can be compressed using online tools and stationary programs as well as adding queries to the HTML code of a paginas web tijuana.

Approaches to diminish picture size

Indicate the picture goal. While transferring an image to a page, you can determine the quantity of pixels, for instance, 800×600 rather than 1200×800. However, this size is still excessively enormous for a cell phone.

You can promptly transfer thumbnails of pictures with the capacity to develop to the greatest size when clicked to diminish the goal. The most straightforward approach to do that is through modules, for instance, Lightbox for WordPress.

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