Five Mistakes When Choosing the Domain Name of your Website

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These botches are normal, and they’ll unquestionably dissolve your odds of accomplishment. Keep away from them no matter what.

Misstep #1: Being Clever

We praise keenness in numerous different backgrounds. Intelligence drives development. It takes care of troublesome issues.

However, with regards to picking a space name, intelligence is actually the exact opposite thing you need. It’s the foe of clearness.

It is anything but a smart thought to think of a joke or some shrewd pun for your space name.

How would you know whether you’re as a rule excessively cunning?

Here’s a straightforward test:

Head over to individuals who don’t have any acquaintance with you, individuals who may not know the slightest bit about your subject, and disclose to them the area name.

At that point ask them what it implies.

All things being equal for over two seconds, you’re dead.


Since, in such a case that somebody needs to think to sort out what your space name implies, the vast majority will say “fail to remember this.” They’ll bob. On to the following connection.

Also, on the off chance that they skip following visiting your site, it will thwart your SEO (website improvement) endeavors. Google will accept your substance isn’t meeting searcher expectation, and your posts will rank lower a lot in indexed lists.

Misstep #2: Trying to Brand a New Word

We as a whole might want to birth a brandable area name, however making another word is a serious mix-up for by far most of bloggers. Not every person, mind you, but rather most. Marking another word implies building a group of people for a space name you instituted out of two distinct words, which — undoubtedly — just methods something to you.

Nobody understands what the word implies when they go to your site. Also, regardless of whether they can sort it out, the additional preparing time and thought seriously upsets their capacity to respond to the essential inquiry, “Is this for me?”

Also, how can that sway you once more? Tick, tick, tick — and they’re gone.

That, yet the potential for incorrect spellings is high when you’re utilizing a brandable name.

For the normal blogger, attempting to mark an area name like Google or Yahoo or one of those other large spaces with a cool, special organization name is an immense misstep. Why?

Since it regularly takes a great many dollars and a first class promotion organization to pull it off. Or then again it takes a totally bewildering level of impact.

In any case, as a starting blogger, you’re just not prepared to prevail at marking another word.

Misstep #3: Using a Subdomain of a Blogging Platform

This is a typical misstep among numerous new bloggers. They’ll pick a free publishing content to a blog stage and game URLs like or

Some time ago, it was definitely not a serious deal.


It’s a poorly conceived notion for two or three reasons:

You’re setting up your blog on another person’s turf. On the off chance that those organizations actually change their approaches or choose in any capacity whatsoever to bring down or freeze your blog (and it has occurred), you can’t do a thing about it. You’re in a bad way.

It signals you’re a novice. You in a flash lose validity when you have an area name that way.

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